Step into the Klaytn ecosystem with great support

Hello, KlayFi community.🌏

First, your support is gratifying. We appreciate your support.
Our current total deposited value surpassed the committed target amount. It reached almost $2.2M (USD) within 2 hours.
In return, we will put every effort into making our service better and provide optimal yield returns to our users.

KlayFi released its LaunchPad this afternoon (July 12, 2021, 3:00 p.m. KST). While we were integrating some tokens with different(shorter) decimals, our team encountered an error in displaying them on the website. Our dev. team instantly noticed such an issue, and now KlayFi LaunchPad shows correct numbers. We apologize for such inconvenience.

Regarding the cap of Target Committed Amount, the KlayFi team decided to remove the cap because we reached our target amount significantly faster than we expected. We mentioned that “Target Committed Amount could be changed” in Docs.v1.

Nonetheless, we’d like to give more benefits to early participants of LaunchPad by removing the cap. This will do good for the ‘KLAY-KFI’ pool in many ways. (more details will be explained in Docs.v2) and eventually will benefit the holders.

Lastly, we are confirming a few things with the ‘KUSDT-KAI’ pool and will soon deliver an update to you. Your assets are safe, so no need to worry.

Once again, we sincerely appreciate your support.
Team KlayFi

Maximizes the assets of Klaytn DeFi users.